Rory Pilgrim
LP Album + Booklet   AE35

MAXIMUM CRISIS/MAXIMUM CALM was released within the context a solo exhibition by Rory Pilgrim at Badischer Kunstverein in 2020. The LP is based on the soundtrack of the 50'min film "The Undercurrent". Produced in collaboration with ten young climate activists from Boise, Idaho, the film and its soundtrack is a powerful statement about the era of climate crisis that explores how people are coping with this global issue on intimate and personal levels.

While musical composition has long been a core aspect of Rory Pilgrim's practice, MAXIMUM CRISIS/MAXIMUM CALM - featuring the singers Declan Rowe John and Ezra Hampikian - is the first vinyl release of the artists's music.Interweaving spoken reflections and songs including The Towel, 3 Waters and Regenerate the Engine, the LP also features additional songs and spoken word material extracted from the film. With orchestral parts also masterfully arranged by Pilgrim for the Up North Session Orchestra the record culminates with a moving speech given at the youth climate strike at the Idaho State Capitol on September 20, 2019 by activist Liam Neupert.